What are the key issues and which party will control Congress? | Utterly Moderate Podcast election preview

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On this episode of the Utterly Moderate Podcast, Shippensburg University political scientist Lonce Bailey joins the show to discuss the midterm elections:

  • Which party will likely control the House of Representatives?
  • Which party will likely control the Senate?
  • Which issues do voters say are most important in this election?

Lonce is a friend of the show and works at Shippensburg University with podcast host Lawrence Eppard. As you will no doubt be able to tell by listening to Dr. Bailey in this episode, he is indicative of the wonderful faculty and students at Ship. If you’re looking for an affordable and student-focused option for your high school graduate, give Ship a look!

You can follow along with the FiveThirtyEight election predictions discussed in this episode here and the Gallup polls about voters’ concerns here.

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