What’s next for Rolovich? Here’s what would happen when the vaccine deadline hits

PULLMAN, Wash.– The Washington State Cougars are getting ready for a home game against  Stanford this Saturday, but they don’t know what the future holds for their program beyond Sunday.

Head Coach Nick Rolovich has said over and over he will follow Gov. Jay Inslee’s vaccine mandate for state employees.

While he’s been asked week after week about how he intends to follow it and every time, like a record on repeat, he’s given the same response. That’s been fun and all, we now know he has applied for a religious exemption, But, that may not be enough to keep him at WSU.

It does, however, give us a road map for what could happen next.

Buckle up, there are a lot of “ifs” for these yes/no scenarios.

If his religious exemption is denied and he doesn’t get the shot by Monday, he’s out.

Then there’s what could happen if it’s approved, which is likely to happen to judge by the numbers across the state. Even then, the story isn’t over– it still has to go up the chain to WSU’s HR and Rolovich’s supervisor Pat Chun.

It’ll be up to Chun to make the decision if Rolovich can effectively do all aspects of his job while also keeping the public safe. If the answer is yes, then Rolovich is still the head coach.

On the other side of things, if the answer is no, Chun and his bosses will need to decide if there are accommodations that are acceptable to the university that would allow Rolovich to stay. Then if there aren’t, he’s out.

Even with all this being said, if Rolovich doesn’t meet the mandate’s criteria and he is removed as the Cougar coach, we still don’t know if there will be an appeal process. We could certainly expect a legal move by Rolovich, and we don’t know how the team will react.

We could speculate for days what the fallout from Monday will be, but what we do know is we will learn something new. This has never happened at the major college level.

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