‘Your honor, I was a broken man’: Spokane doctor pleads guilty to charges he tried to hire hitman on the dark web

SPOKANE, Wash – A Spokane doctor accused of trying to hire a hitman on the dark web changed his plea to guilty in federal court.

Federal prosecutors charged Ronald Ilg, who worked as a neonatal specialist, with trying to use cryptocurrency to hire a hitman to assault one woman and kidnap and extort another.

He initially pleaded not guilty and at one point tried to kill himself before his arrest.

He was supposed to go on trial next month and was initially facing eight federal charges, including cyberstalking, attempted kidnapping and tampering with a witness.

On Wednesday, he pleaded guilty to two of the charges, which were making threats using interstate commerce.

But, last week, Ilg’s attorneys shared his intention to change his plea.

“Your honor, I was a broken man,” Ilg said in court Wednesday. “I was broken and I contacted different websites on the dark web to not only injure one of my partners, but also kidnap my wife.”

During the hearing, he acknowledged the threatening messages he sent.

“These messages identify VICTIM 2 by name, address, work location, and discuss violent acts against VICTIM 2, her father and her pet dog,” according to court documents.

Ilg said in court Wednesday the facts of the case as presented are “accurate and consistent with the horrific messages that I wrote.”

In late March 2021 and early April 2021, investigators say Scar215 “sought to hire a hitman to physically kidnap, drug and assault victim 2” who court documents say was Ilg’s estranged wife.

In a sentencing hearing Wednesday, the judge indicated there was an agreement between Ilg and federal prosecutors about the length of his sentence in exchange for his guilty plea.

According to the judge, he “agreed with the government that a fair and just sentencing would be between [5 years and eight years].

The judge does not have to comply with the terms of that agreement, but if the judge ultimately hands down a sentence beyond eight years, Ilg could appeal and withdraw from that plea agreement.

The parties also agreed that Ilg will likely have to pay restitution to the victims, but that amount has not yet been determined.

The judge accepted Ilg’s guilty plea and set his sentencing for November 8th at 9 am.

Ilg will remain in jail until his sentencing.

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