‘I’m happy’: Yakima coffee shop designed for parents with young kids

YAKIMA, Wash. — A new coffee shop has opened up in Yakima that’s specifically designed for parents with young children, with a play area for the kids and a café for the adults.

Local couple Matt and Michelle Dufault started working on their new business venture in West Valley more than two years ago, armed with 30 years of teaching experience between them, a 4-year-old girl and 8-year-old boy of their own and a vision.

“We’ve been to similar places like this around the Seattle area, where adults can actually relax and get together while the kids are playing and engaged for hours,” Matt Dufault said.

Their dream came true last month when they opened Play/Cafe at 120 s. 72nd Ave., Suite 100, a place where parents can socialize with other adults, work remotely or get schoolwork done — all while being able to supervise their children in the play area.

While the coffee shop is open to anyone wanting to get a drink or eat a sandwich for lunch, the play area is limited to children 6 and younger and the adults supervising them.

Parents can purchase a pass for their child to play all day at Play/Cafe for $12 and one for any additional siblings at $10. There’s no charge for children six months and younger.

“That’s good for the whole day, so a lot of people will come in in the morning, play for a while, then when naptime rolls around, they leave and then come back for a little while in the afternoon,” Dufault said.

They also offer deals on passes for five or 10 visits, as well as monthly memberships that allow kids access to the play area whenever the business is open.

More than one family has been taking advantage of the new place, especially with the recent rainy weather. Catelynn Mallonee, a 5-year-old aspiring YouTuber, and her 3-year-old little brother Carter come to Play/Cafe about three times a week.

“I’m playing on a bouncer and the Legos and in a kitchen and in a store and on a playground,” Mallonee said. “I’m happy.”

Parents can join their kids in the play area and sit at one of the comfy chairs to supervise, or watch over them from the surrounding bar.

Adults can eat a panini, drink coffee provided by Yakima-based company Basalt Roasters or enjoy a locally-sourced adult beverage. They also offer snacks and drinks that are kid-friend.

“We’ve got little kids too, so we’ve got the things that they like: chicken nuggets, quesadillas, goldfish, yogurts, juice boxes — most of the things that the kids like to eat,” Dufault said.

Play/Cafe is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays. On the weekends, they’re usually open from 9 a.m. to noon.

However, they do offer families the option to rent out the place for birthday parties on the weekends, which can change their availability, but they do post updates on their Facebook page.

They do have extended hours on Sunday— from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. — for a Mother’s Day event. For $5, kids will be able to fingerpaint a mug to give to their mom as a special gift.


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