Influx in car prowlers hits Tri-Cities

Influx in car prowlers hits Tri-Cities

Residents throughout the Tri-Cities have been reporting an influx of vehicle prowls in the last few days, police saying most of the cars targeted are unlocked.

Kennewick Police Department reported 75 vehicle prowls in the past month, and 25 prowls in the last few days.

Richland Police said they had 6 prowls Monday night, and West Richland reported 10 prowls occurred since Monday morning.

West Richland Police Captain Thomas Grego believes there are more than one suspect targeting vehicles, with the prowls happening all over the city.

“Every one was unlocked, said Grego. “There were no signs of forced entry in any of the vehicles.”

Grego said property stolen included a wallet, sunglasses, and a handgun, none of which has yet been recovered.

Though there were multiple car prowls reported, he said most of them were from people who didn’t have property stolen, just their cars rummaged through.

“They reported that the individuals kind of just shuffle through their car, in the console, and the glove boxes, said Grego.”

He said the best way to keep from being victimized by car prowlers is to park in well-lit areas, don’t keep valuables in parked cars, and always lock car doors.