Injured dirt biker airlifted from Little Naches region following rescue effort

NACHES, Wash. — Emergency response crews helped a dirt biker from the Little Naches region of Yakima County on Sunday after they suffered an injury out in rugged natural terrain. This marked the start of the busiest season of the year for their teams.

According to a social media post from Nile-Cliffdell Fire & Rescue District No. 14, officials received a call about an injury recreationist on May 29, 2022. This drew a response from the Nile Fire Department, Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, and United States Forest Service. Emergency responders included a Fire Chief, firefighters, medics, and department staff.

The group took a hike from the closest spot that was accessible on their vehicles to meet the injured victim. They met with off-duty EMTs who helped them recover and stabilize the injured person.

After being packed, medics from Advanced Life Systems Ambulance (ALSA) transported the person to the nearest available space for a helicopter to land and pick them up. The dirt biker was then transferred over to the care of medics and lifted out of the area to an unspecified facility for emergency care.

Officials did not specify the extent of the individual’s injuries or current condition.

The social media post ended with the following thanks: “We are truly fortunate to have such great partners here on the pass working together to keep folks safe. Dist 5 and Dist 2 EMTs, great work and you are welcome to help us out anytime!”


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