Inmate stabbing suspects bail set at $10 million and $1 million

Inmate stabbing suspects bail set at $10 million and $1 million

YAKIMA, WA — Murder suspects Erick Romero, 25, and Hilario Sosa, 19, make their first court appearance Thursday afternoon. The two are suspected of stabbing inmate Timothy Denton to death yesterday morning, in his cell.

“It was a gruesome scene,” said Detective Sergeant Mike Russell.

Denton was behind bars on burglary and assault charges — court documents state security video showed both Romero and Sosa entering Denton’s cell after a guard performed a cell check, with Romero emerging moments later covered in blood. Investigaors say Denton was found with multiple stab wounds to the body, with what appeared to be a makeshift knife.

“It was evident there were lengths that were gone to-to ensure that he would not survive this attack,” said Russell.

Bail for Romero was set at $10 million, who was already behind bars on drive by shooting charges, and attempted murder charges for shooting and injuring a corrections officer last September.

A million dollar bail is set for Sosa, behind bars on charges of robbery and unlawful firearm possession. Denton’s family sat in attendance, confused and angered at the suspects.

“I have a four-year-old nephew that’s telling me ‘I miss my dad, ‘ want to talk to my dad,’ well guess what, he can’t,” said Denton’s sister Ashley Scribner.

Who they believe took the life of a loved one, in cold blood.

“No matter what he had, what he did in his past, he didn’t deserve this,” said Scribner, “He would give and do for anybody.”