Inmate with COVID-19 to be released from Yakima jail

Sunnyside jail inmates, staffers testing positive
Yakima County jail
Yakima County jail

The Sunnyside Jail inmate who tested positive for COVID-19 isn’t the only person infected there, jail officials announced Friday — and he’s being released to live in Sunnyside.

Yakima County Department of Corrections says Sunnyside’s jail commander told the DOC on Monday that two inmates previously housed in the jail may have been exposed to COVID-19, and that “numerous staff and inmates in Sunnyside had been tested and were returning with positive results.”

DOC reports the two inmates were moved to the negative air-flow unit within the Yakima County jail.

“Housing units in the Annex and 4th floor were placed into isolation,” Yakima County Department of Corrections Director Ed Campbell said in a news release. “The inmate who returned with a positive test result was previously housed in a single cell on the 4th floor of the Yakima County jail having limited exposure to other inmates and staff.”

Neither inmate has symptoms, Campbell said, and the man who tested positive is being released by the courts with health care and quarantine instructions following the approval from the county health department.

“Due to privacy laws and HIPPA restrictions the inmates name(s) cannot be released,” Campbell stated, but he did say the man is 48 years old, lives in the Sunnyside area, and police are aware of his release.

Yakima County Department of Corrections says it is is working with the Yakima Health Department to follow CDC and state health guidelines for contact tracing, notifications, testing, medical treatment, cleaning, disinfecting, and isolation.