Inslee comments on the leaking tanks at the Hanford Site, need for long-term solution


OLYMPIA, Wash. — During his regular press briefing on Thursday afternoon, Washington Governor Jay Inslee acknowledged the need for long-term solutions to nuclear waste at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation located north of West Richland.

Gov. Inslee says that he and his team at the Department of Ecology were briefed about the tank leak earlier in the day on April 29, 2021. Officials from the Department of Ecology will be closely monitoring the situation as it has “permitting authority” in scenarios like this one. However, federal leaders have advised Inslee and his team that there is no imminent health threat associated with the leak.

“Obviously this is a concern,” Gov. Inslee said. “There have been thousands of gallons of waste — I’m advised this is about 1,300 gallons that has been identified in this particular leak.”

Inslee highlighted the fact that double-walled tanks are being used to hold nuclear waste at the Hanford site. However, he believes that a more permanent solution to properly disposing of chemical waste needs to be uncovered.

“This recognition of an ongoing incident I think highlights the need for additional resources at Hanford to prevent further tank leakage,” Gov. Inslee said. “As you know, our state’s position has been that the usage of double-walled tanks ought to be a solution in the interim before permanent storage solutions are found.”

If you’d like to hear Governor Inslee’s remarks yourself, you can do so by clicking here and skipping to the 9:40 mark.


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