Inslee, Washington reaffirm commitment to fight climate change on the West Coast

Image via @GovPressOffice, Twitter

SAN FRANCISCO — Govenor Jay Inslee joined leaders from Oregon, California and British Columbia on Thursday to sign a Statement of Cooperation (SOC) as the next step of their ongoing efforts to reduce the West Coast’s impact on climate change.

In attendance were Governors Kate Brown (D-OR), Gavin Newsom (D-CA), Inslee (D-WA) and British Columbia Premier John Horgan.

“This new agreement reaffirms our commitments to decarbonize our economies at a time when the consequences of victory or defeat in this effort have never been more acute,” Gov. Inslee said. “We know where it goes from here – onward to a cleaner, cheaper, and more efficient energy economy that averts climate calamity at the same time.”

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Each of the states committed to support climate infrastructure that will reduce carbon emissions along the Pacific Coast of North America. That includes the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles, improved ports that operate in a more sustainable and eco-friendly manner, and electric grids serving the length of their states.

Another crucial part of this affirmation was the group’s emphasis on preventing the most pressing natural disasters or related issues including wildfires, drought, heat waves, flooding and ocean acidification.

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“Together we will invest in an equitable transition to a cleaner future, build the climate infrastructure we need, and protect our communities from climate-driven wildfires, droughts, heat and flooding,” Gov. Inslee said.

Through all of these goals, a priority of the SOC is to make sure these transitions are made equitably and as seamlessly as possible for the people they serve. There’s a particular emphasis on investing in communities that are overburdened by the impacts of climate change and related issues.


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