Insurance will not cover you if you’re found liable for drunk driving, speed racing, says PEMCO spokesman

RICHLAND, Wash. — After three young adults died in a recent car crash that the Richland Police Department said was directly related to speed racing and alcohol, some are wondering who will be held liable as the driver is also a teenager.

According to Derek Wing, the communications manager and spokesperson for PEMCO Insurance, if you’re behind the wheel, you will be held accountable.

“Anytime there’s street racing involved, a regular insurance policy will not cover any sort of
accidents or injuries or unfortunately any death,” Wing said. “The minute you turn your ‘go to the grocery store’ or you take your go-to work car and turn it into a speed machine, it’s not going to be covered under regular insurance.”

Wing said the same situation applies to driving under the influence.

“Whenever there’s a DUI situation involved as well, insurance is likely not going to cover
again any sort of accidents or any sort of injuries resulting from a crash,” Wing said.

He added that some of the causes for a rise in speed racing could be attributed to movie franchises like the Fast & Furious and people frustrated from staying inside due to the pandemic.

“If you feel like you’re hearing more stories about street racing it might not just be your
imagination,” Wing said. “From an insurance standpoint, obviously I would say that it is very, very unsafe to do and you really
shouldn’t do it, especially since you’re probably not going to be covered in the event of an accident or any sort of injury so when in doubt, just don’t do it.”


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