Intel will release data on how much it pays women, employees of color

Intel will release data on how much it pays women, employees of color
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The move comes in response to a new requirement by the u-s equal employment opportunity commission. Companies with more than 100 employees must now provide pay data.

Intel plans to release data on how much its employees are paid, broken down by gender, race and ethnicity, by the end of this year, the company confirmed to CNN Business on Thursday.

The disclosure is related to a new requirement by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission mandating that companies with more than 100 workers file information about employee pay, in addition to previously required reporting of employee demographics. The agency will not release companies’ data, but Intel says it will share the data publicly, a move first reported by Bloomberg.

The decision comes as workers in many industries have gotten louder in their calls for increased equity and transparency around the gaps in pay between men, women and people of various racial and ethnic backgrounds. The issue is especially pertinent in the technology industry, which has long been dominated and led by white men.

“To see real change across the industry we need to start somewhere,” the company said in a statement. “With the requirement to report pay data, the EEOC is emphasizing the need for change in the industry, and that is [a] great first step in the right direction.”

The new EEOC rule requires companies to provide federal regulators with the pay and hours worked for the median employee — both full- and part-time — in a variety of positions, disaggregated by gender, race and ethnicity. The data will be the most detailed information companies have ever been required to disclose to federal regulators about how they compensate their workforce, and could help the agency more efficiently target potential discrimination cases.

Intel said it will share the data for 2017, 2018 and 2019 in its annual