‘It’s a blessing’: TROT unveils newest addition to their campus

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Dozens of employees, riders, and organization officials gathered Thursday morning to celebrate the Therapeutic Riding of Tri-Cities’ (TROT) grand opening of their newest addition the Happy Trails sensory course.

Nonprofit Leadership Tri-Cities helped create the course as part of their 26th project benefitting the local community.

The course features different activities that stimulate the five senses.

For Thora Trumbo and her 22-year-old daughter Joy, the addition is another chance to explore and grow.

“She grew up in a body brace and she had a spinal fusion done. She’s had 19 surgeries,” Trumbo said.

So when they joined TROT in 2016, Trumbo and Joy had no idea what to expect.

“I love seeing my kiddo grow up, you know, this is great,” Trumbo said. “She’s just done beautifully, really bloomed, and grown as a person. This is a place where she takes great pleasure and pride in not only her accomplishments but in the friendships she’s made.”

Besides gaining trunk strength and more physical mobility, Trumbo said Joy also learned more language, leaving her less dependent on American Sign Language.

“She was not able to handle any kind of tactile sensation. It was a very tough time for her at the beginning,” Trumbo said. “Now she thinks it’s great fun, like going to a carnival or something. She loves it.”

Leadership Tri-Cities alumni director Jennifer Harper said it was “exciting” to complete the project and open it to the riders.

“One of the main purposes of our organization is to better our community,” said Harper. “So being able to work on projects like this are really important to us.”

Officials with TROT said additions like the course wouldn’t be possible without the help of donors, sponsors, and the community.

If you’d like to donate or get involved, they are hosting their Trail Blazin’ BBQ fundraiser on Saturday, June 12 from 6 to 10 p.m.

To buy tickets, click here.