“It’s being abused:’ Pasco’s Carbody Beach trashed — local and federal law enforcement to fight issue

PASCO, Wash. — Carbody Beach is a sandy slice of heaven along the Columbia River in Pasco — at least that’s what it should be.

Instead, the area is filled with beer bottles, empty cups, dirty diapers, wrappers, and more. Not to mention, the shards of glass that are scattered through the grass.

Commander Monty Huber with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) said the beach “is being abused.”

“There’s littering, underage drinking, and graffiti,” Cmdr. Huber said. “We’ve had over 50 calls in the last six months out here.”

That number is higher than average, as he notes the trash troubles naturally increase during the warmer months.

To combat the seemingly growing issue, local law enforcement is now working with federal law enforcement as Carbody Beach is located on federal ground.

Plans are in the works to bring in game cameras, add more gates to block parts of the road to limit vehicle access, and have more security on the ground.

“A federal officer is going to start citing people for littering,” Cmdr. Huber said.

So on top of thousands of dollars in fines from the FCSO, “you actually have to stand before a federal judge [in Spokane] when you get cited.”

Officials are also adding more physical signs to help enforce the hours that the park is closed.

After multiple postings for awareness of the problem on the FCSO’s Facebook page, suggestions flooded into the comment section — one of the more popular ones being to test DNA off of the litter.

Cmdr. Huber said while this could technically be a possibility, he’s not sure if it would work.

“There’s already a backlog for DNA and they base it on the seriousness of the crime so this would rate really low in that sense,” Cmdr. Huber said. “The message is if you bring it then you take it out with you, and if you’re out here and this is happening, then say something.”