It’s cake, it’s a shake, and it’s coming to you soon – Richland bakery to expand, add drive-thru


RICHLAND, Wash. — Megan Savely’s newest creation is topped with a donut and filled with a mixture of ice cream, cake, and frosting.

It’s called a cake shake and the dessert is something that the owner of Frost Me Sweet Bakery and Bistro in Richland is ‘excited’ to share with the community.

Cake Shake

Image courtesy of Frost Me Sweet Bakery and Bistro

Savely and her team has served up tasty treats to the community for over a decade. Now, she’s planning to expand her business by taking over the former Folded Pie spot on Wellsian Way, located just a few minutes from the bakery.

The new building will feature a drive-thru where customers can try out one of the cake shakes.

It will also function as a space for Frost Me Sweet’s bakers to work in, with the possibility of adding on a nationwide shipping program to aid the frequent requests she receives from people across the country.

“We’re really excited and our bakers are very excited that they’ll have a space just for themselves to decorate cakes in a nice facility,” Savely said. “With a new facility, we’re able to start getting the proper licensing to be able to ship throughout the United States.”

She noted that the expansion has been a goal for a while, but the pandemic caused plans to stall.

“There were times we didn’t even know if we’d be able to get through a week or a month,” Savely said.

But it’s thanks to the ongoing support from Tri-Citians that they were able to get over that hurdle and continue to grow.

“We’re just super thankful to be in the Tri-Cities and in this community and we really couldn’t have gotten here without them,” Savely said.

The drive-thru location is set to open most likely in May.

You can keep up with details on Instagram or on their new site.


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