“It’s going to be fantastic!” Local doctor on feminine hygiene bill

KENNEWICK, Wash. – When Doctor Rachel Fidino isn’t helping people look and feel their best with treatments like vampire facials and stem cell injections, she’s giving back to people in need with The Healing Hands Project.

“We essentially provide feminine hygiene products to women all across the world whether they’re low income, homeless,” Fidino, who works for New U Women’s Clinic in Kennewick explained.

Dr. Fidino started the nonprofit a couple years ago after an encounter between her young daughter and a homeless woman in Seattle.

“She let go of my hand and there was this homeless girl and she handed her, her food and it just made me realize the humbleness and the heart of a child,” Rachel recalled.

Since then, Rachel and her team have put together thousands of feminine hygiene product kits for women of all ages.

Their most recent outreach includes sending packages to a sex trafficking recovery program in Atlanta, Georgia.

“There’s so many of them right now at that facility they just don’t have enough to cover all those girls that are there, so we’ve supplied them with 1500 feminine hygiene products just to take that stress away from them,” Rachel said.

The Healing Hands Project provides their kits to schools as well, which is about to become handy in Washington state.

“This bill will help students maintain safe and healthy standard for personal hygiene while at school, which is particularly important for students who struggle to afford the cost of these products,” Governor Jay Inslee explained while signing House Bill 1273.

Dr. Fidino applauded Governor Inslee’s passage of the bill.

House Bill 1273 will require all Washington schools, public and private, to provide free feminine hygiene products in bathrooms that are for women or are gender-neutral.

Rachel said this will be a game changer for girls and young women who may not be able to afford feminine hygiene products.

“It’s going to be fantastic. New U Women’s clinic will help support our local schools as well if they need access, that’s what we’re here for. Whether it’s the school system or low income women, we just wanna make sure that all women are taken care of in our community,” Doctor Fidino added.

To learn more about The Healing Hands Project, visit the New U website.