‘It’s so surprising:’ West Richland woman hails stranger as a hero after catalytic converter theft is averted

WEST RICHLAND, Wash. — If you drive down the serene streets of King Dr., you’ll find your typical West Richland suburb.

It’s where Roller, the co-host of the Eagle 106.5 radio station, has called home for nearly thirty years, calling it “a normal neighborhood just like any other.”

That’s why when she received a call on Thursday morning from her son regarding a notice taped to her front door from the West Richland Police Department (WRPD), she was “shocked.”

A random passerby had spotted what officers are calling “a subject” who was seen “underneath a white truck, sawing away at something,” according to a WRPD Facebook post.

That truck belonged to Roller and her family, parked on the street next to their home.

“Someone had driven up the street at 8:30 in the morning, broad daylight, [on the] street right outside our house and had interrupted a theft of a catalytic converter,” Roller said. “The fact that it was so bold that it was during the day, crazy.”

Thankfully, the stranger’s quick thinking to call the police stopped the thief in their tracks.

“They didn’t finish the job. It’s still attached but they sawed away. It’s about half off hanging there,” Roller said. “Those people, boy, I thank them. They saw something that just looked off and they stopped.”

Now Roller is urging the community to stick together as anyone with a vehicle can easily become the next victim.

“Neighbors, neighborhoods need to be cohesive,” Roller said. “Hopefully it made the thief think twice and he’ll go somewhere else. That way we’re all a little safer.”

If you have any information on who the suspect is, the WRPD is asking you to give them a call on their nonemergency line at (509) – 628-0333.


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