‘It’s very scary to see:’ Pasco church helps refugees in Poland

PASCO, Wash. — With millions of citizens fleeing Ukraine amidst Russia’s invasion, many local groups are fundraising, collecting donations, and helping refugees.

KAPP KVEW’s photojournalist Margo Cady spoke with extended family members about their efforts.

Lana Savchuk recently traveled to the border of Poland with 10 members of the Hungry Generation church in Pasco.

“It’s very scary to see,” Lana said. “Imagine, 65,000 women and children at the border, waiting in a line.”

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The group traveled to Poland just last week to see what local humanitarian aid groups on the ground need.

“We bought them a van to transport refugees,” Lana said. “We also helped them financially.”

Through funds raised by Hungry Generation Church and Vladimir Savchuk Ministries, Lana and the rest of her team were able to rent out homes to shelter refugees.

So far, the church has raised more than $500,000.

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“We are partnering with more and more people and churches,” Lana said. “Organizations that on the ground, can actually [handle] refugees right there and then.”

The church plans to continue supporting groups that help Ukrainian refugees. For some members of Hungry Generation, it’s more than just something that needs to be done—it’s personal strife to help others like themselves.

Along with her husband Vlad, Lana is a refugee. They fled from Russia in the early 2000s because of religious persecution. Vlad and much of his family came to the Tri-Cities from the Soviet Union occupied Ukraine in 1999.

Hungry Generation plans to take more groups to the Poland border to help refugees in the coming months.

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