Jake the Goggle Dog undergoes tumor removal

You may have seen Jake riding around with his humans, Julie and Bob Dowles

KENNEWICK, Wash. – At ten years old, Jake the Golden Retriever has lived a full life.

“He’s my little boy,” Julie Dowles, one of his owners said.

Jake has traveled, he’s loved by all who meet him and, he’s sort of a local celebrity.

“Jake is the Goggle Dog, yeah, Jake’s the Goggle Dog, he’s the pack leader,” Julie and her husband Bob said.

Bob and Julie Dowle new they struck gold when Jake was a puppy.

“The vet said ‘this dog is gonna be magnificent, he’s going to hit 100 pounds,'” Bob recalled.

Jake eventually grew to be 100 pounds. The Dowles like to take Jake in the car with them, but he was getting too big.

“He no longer fit inside the car so I had to open the sunroof for him to have room for his head at least and then we thought, you know, that’s not good for his eyes the passing breeze so we got goggles for him,” Bob said.

Thus, Jake the Goggle Dog was born.

“People will come up to us and say ‘you’ve made my day’ and that’s just the blessing to us for to be able to do that for people, especially these days when there’s not a lot of smiles around,” Julie said.

“But the smiles, oh my gosh,” Bob added.

The couple said Jake has made a lasting impression on everyone, including their neighbors, the Taylor family.

“Very funny, knows his commands very well, especially when you say speak he’ll bark,” Sean Taylor said.

Sean and his family help Dowles with yard and house work, and walk their dogs with Jake. When Bob isn’t with his wife and dog, he can be found volunteering at the Kennewick Library and Children’s Garden. So, when the Taylor family found out Jake needed surgery, they stepped in to help.

“Oh my goodness! Wow, thank you so much, a hundred dollars that will help a lot,” Julie said as Sean and his siblings presented the couple with one hundred dollars in cash.

On Thursday afternoon, Jake had a tumor removed from his spleen. Bob said the veterinarian found it after Jake went in for mystery bumps on his head. The Dowles said Jake is expected to make a full recovery and will be back in his goggles in no time.

The Taylor family started a GoFundMe to help Bob and Julie pay for the expensive surgery.


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