Jean’s Cottage Inn back open with new outdoor seating

Jean's Cottage Inn Outdoor Seating

UNION GAP, Wash. — After a two-month hiatus, Jean’s Cottage Inn in Union Gap has reopened for both to-go orders and outdoor dining.

Co-owner Allan Marks previously planned to keep the restaurant closed until Yakima County moved on to Phase 3 of the governor’s Safe Start plan, but decided to come back early after learning they could be open for outdoor seating in Modified Phase 1.5.

“We can have people eating here on real plates, real silverware and they’re enjoying it,” Marks said. “We’re enjoying it because we can actually wait on somebody instead of just giving them a box to go.”

Before the two-month break, Marks reconfigured the inside of the restaurant to get ready for the eventual reopening and built the new patio. He said their regular customers have been enjoying being able to eat with them again.

“They were so glad to have us back so we’re glad to have them back,” Marks said.

Jean’s Cottage Inn is open from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Tuesday through Thursday.