Jefferson Elementary students make their mark

Jefferson Elementary students make their mark

It may not be a time capsule, but students still left their mark Wednesday.

Jefferson Elementary School students signed their names today on a construction beam.

It will be placed in their new elementary school that’s now under construction.

One student says she’s excited to leave something behind with her name on it.

“Everybody can see who has been here for most of the years they can also see that this school has been around a very long time,”Jefferson Elementary Student Julia Oxborrow said.

Every student at Jefferson Elementary had a chance to sign the beam.

Teachers say they are not sure where the beam will go yet, but that it’s a great way for students to be a part of the foundation of their new school.

“Well they are going to be the first group of students who get to go to the school and explore it and enjoy it so they should be able to be a part of that and get to experience watching it go up, ” Jefferson Elementary Teacher Breanna Day said.

A construction crane will lift the beam into place on Monday.