Joel Exotics’ Sodas and Snacks brings new tastes to the Tri-Cities

Some people like expensive clothes, jewelry, and shoes. Others, like Joel Watson and Steve Lee, prefer exotic snacks instead.

The two co-owners opened Joel Exotic’s Soda and Snacks this week in Kennewick and Watson says business has already been booming.

The snack lover’s paradise is filled with a large selection of different drinks, foods, and candies.

Watson said the snacks are “exotic” because they’re from different countries.

“I like my snacks boujee,” Watson said.

Some of the items include Korean BBQ flavored Cheetos, Oreos from Japan, and rapper-themed chips and crackers.

Customers wanting to indulge their sweet tooth can select different candies, sugary cereals, and sodas.

“We have a selection for everyone,” Watson said.

He said a must-try is the Cotton Candy Faygo drink, a bright blue soda that he described as tasting like memories of the fair in its sugar-spun glory.

“Everybody that I know is on fire for this type of stuff. These are things you see on Facebook that you want to try but normally you can’t,” Watson said.

Joel Exotics’ Soda and Snacks is located inside the Green 2 Go Wellness on Columbia Dr. They are open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week.

If you want to order online, click here.