July 17th is World Emoji Day

Emojis on license plates? LOL it’s about to be a thing

July 17th marks World Emoji Day and Apple decided to mark the occasion with the unveiling of new emojis to be introduced in the next iOS update in the fall.

“Bearded person,” “breastfeeding,” “sandwich” and “coconut” were among the new illustrations.

The head of emoji website, “Emojipedia,” and creator of World Emoji Day, Jeremy Burge told The Guardian which emojis he thinks will continue to be hits.

“The most popular emojis with users are always the smileys and gestures,” he said. “These regularly top Emojipedia stats and platforms like Twitter and Facebook.”

Join in the celebration by using your favorite emojis and #worldemojiday on social media.

Emojis were first invented in Japan, but were made popular in the U.S. with the release of the first iPhone.