Jury Rules To Keep Love Locked Up

Defense Argues Love Does Not Have A Mental Abnormality

A Franklin County jury ruled convicted sex offender Ronald Love will have to return to the special commitment center on McNeil Island.

The jury decided that the state proved beyond a reasonable doubt Love is still a sexually violent predator.

Throughout the three week trial the state argued even though Love has completed his criminal sentence he is still a danger to society, and should be locked up.

The defense said Love has changed and doesn’t suffer from a mental abnormality.

Now that the jury has ruled Love is still a sexually violent predator he will return to the special commitment center.

Once back Love will be re-evaluated yearly, and if the center believes he is capable of release this case could be re-tried.

Assistant Attorney General Thomas Howe said besides the physical evidence Love’s difficulty remaining focused on the stand probably played a role in the jury’s decision.

“I think that he demonstrated from his testimony on the stand that he still has these issues abd that was the pitch I made to the jury because I believe it’s the truth,” said Howe.

Love is accused of attempted rape in Pasco in 1991 and raping two girls in California before that.