Kadlec sets up screening tent in Kennewick to prevent COVID-19 exposure

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KENNEWICK, Wash. — Kadlec has set up a screening tent for patients who exhibit possible symptoms of COVID-19.

The tent is located outside of the Kadlec Urgent Care clinic at 4804 West Clearwater Avenue in Kennewick. It will be used as a central screening site only for patients referred by Kadlec providers for testing.

The tent will not be a drive-up testing location. It’s a central Kadlec site to help mitigate the impact on emergency departments and clinics, and reduce exposure to patients and caregivers.

Additionally, a tent has been erected outside the hospital emergency department (E.D.) in Richland. The purpose of this tent is a temporary extension of the E.D. to allow staff to limit potential exposure and help in our efforts to contain the spread of infectious disease. The tent is currently not operational. Kadlec will announce when the need arises to put the tent into service.

Kadlec gave an example of what will happen:

  • A Kadlec patient is evaluated by their Kadlec provider.
  • Based on symptoms, the provider may determine flu and/or COVID-19 testing should be done.
  • The patient will be given a referral with instructions to report to the Urgent Care tent to be evaluated.
  • Depending on the test taken, patients will have 2 swabs taken. One will be used for a rapid-flu test. They would then wait in their car for a result. If it’s negative, the second sample would be submitted for COVID-19 testing.
  • The provider or clinical staff would then follow up by contacting the patient with results and follow-up instructions.