KAPP-KVEW Execs take on Pro-Am Day at Wildhorse’s Epson Tour

PENDLETON, Ore. — Wildhorse Resort and Casino invited a couple executives from KAPP-KVEW to the golf course. Three got to play in the Epson Tour Pro-Am competition Thursday.

General Sales Manager Hugh Hardage, Account Executive Nichole Jensen, and General Manager of KAPP-KVEW James Loftus took to the green Thursday morning to learn a thing or two from a professional, Grace Kim from Sydney, Australia.

They attempted to play a round of golf, and did manage to get through all 18 holes, with Kim’s help.

“She saved us on all holes headed to the back nine, which is our front nine,” said Hugh. “She’s never messed us up. I mean, she makes every single shot she takes.”

Kim said the Pro-Am Days have been pretty fun for her. “I’ve been really enjoying myself from the get go. They’ve been sledging each other, so I’ve just entertained myself in watching them.”

“The best part has been the camaraderie. Grace embraced us from the get go. It’s Nicole’s birthday. First time I’ve ever played golf with James,” Hugh then whispered, “I’m beating the heck out of my general manager right now.”

“The Road to the LPGA”

Not only was Hugh having a great time golfing, but also appreciating the hard work the ladies put into their craft. He said, “It’s amazing to see what these young ladies do on the tour, and how they stripe the ball and how accurate they are, how precise they are. I don’t think the guys have ever been that way. I really think that the ladies tour is far more precision-golf. They’re far more accurate than men’s golf.”

Hugh said, “The men are all about bulk, and distance. She, on the other hand, proves exactly why target golf still and will always thrive.”

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When the round was over, Hugh definitely wasn’t ready to leave.

“I won’t be at work tomorrow. Staying here at Wildhorse,” Hugh said.

To which GM James Loftus responded, “You’re going to be at work. I haven’t approved that.”

Hugh accepted defeat. “I will be at work tomorrow,” he said.

Those negotiations will take place on the casino floor before they come back home, but if you couldn’t tell, the KAPP-KVEW crew had a great time on the green.

Hugh said, “For us to come here as KAPP-KVEW, and to be lucky enough to be paired with her. It’s worth it.”

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