KAPP KVEW’s Madeleine Hagen and Jason Valentine tour new Tri-Cities haunted house

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Anchors that go through haunted houses together, stick together; at least that’s what KAPP KVEW’s Madeleine Hagen and Jason Valentine believe after getting spooked at Frightmare Haunted Attractions.

It’s the newest haunted house in the Tri-Cities, just in time for Halloween. They’re located off of Clearwater Avenue in the Bella’s Furniture storage facility.

Jeff Schreiner and Jason Patterson have been in the scaring business since 2013, but this is the first time they’re in this space.

Frightmare Haunted Attractions has two haunted tours inside their building.

“A crazy doctor and all his monsters that he’s made and then we have wicked hollow,” Jeff said.

In 10,000 square feet, the Frightmare team has gone all out.

“Once you get inside, you’re gonna see all kinds of stuff. We have giant animatronics, we have skilled actors who go through extensive training to make sure they can scare you,” Jeff explained.

But, it hasn’t come without challenge.

Some of the props were so delayed, they had to send a semi-truck to Ohio to pick them up.

“We couldn’t get them all the way here so we had to go get them ourselves that was one of the challenges but that’s what we did to make the show good,” Jason, the Actor Trainer said.

They also had to bring the space up to fire code, to keep visitors safe, which delayed their opening date.

But, they said reactions like Madeleine’s and Jason’s, make the effort worthwhile.

“A lot of hard work, dedicated people, we want to put on something that the community can enjoy,” Jeff said.

“You can just almost see their jaws drop so that’s very rewarding,” Jason added.

Jason and Madeleine received a short, sneak peak of the mad-scientist haunted tour, which didn’t disappoint.

Frightmare has an online ticketing system that allows guests to pick a time slot to go through the tours, that way they don’t end up in line for hours.

There’s also games inside, places to sit and food trucks outside of the facility.

“I want to make sure that when our customers come through it’s like they’re dropped in the middle something like in the middle of a movie,” Jeff said.

“To see the customers come through get scared then laughing, screaming coming out having a great time that’s my reward at the end,” Jason added.

You can learn more on Frightmare’s website. There will also be a kid-friendly day, where scary props are covered up and kids can walk through and get candy. They’ll also host a less scarier version, you can check their calendar for more information.

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