Keeping Doorstep Grinches Away

Keeping Doorstep Grinches Away

The holiday rush is on and delivery companies are getting the brunt of it.

Package after package are leaving shipment centers and making their way onto your doorstep.

Unfortunately, that catches the eyes of doorstep grinches.

Police say this time of the years marks a noticeable increase in the number of delivery thefts, and suggest people take precautions — don’t let delivery men leave your packages unattended, leave a note instructing them to leave it with a friend or neighbor, have the shipping center call you when a truck is en route, or even pay the small fee for a signature requirement.

It could save you more money in the end.

Police say thieves have even gone as far as stalking delivery trucks on their routes, waiting until items are delivered, then moving in for the steal.

One woman says that idea doesn’t surprise her, especially around this time of year.

“If I do have something delivered, I would either deliver to [my] Place of work or make sure that a neighbor will be able to sign and receive the package,” said Andrea Jasso, “It’s just unsafe and sad that theives tend to prey upon doorsteps and steal peoples gifts.”