Kennewick Burglaries Up 46% Compared To Same Time Last Year

Kennewick Burglaries Up 46% Compared To Same Time Last Year

According to Kennewick police the number of burglaries happening in the city is much higher than years past.

Since January 15th Kennewick police have investigated 67 burglaries.

They said that is 46% more than they had during the same time period last year.

Many Kennewick residents said they have noticed more crime in their neighborhoods.

Kathy and Jim Cartmell said it hasn’t been their home but their mailbox that has been the target of thieves.

The couple and a few other neighbors have gone as far as getting locked mailboxes.

“It was kind of unnerving because you would come out in the morning and see all of the mailboxes open as if somebody had gone down the street and opened each one,” said Jim.

Kennewick Police Sergeant Ken Lattin said all Kennewick neighborhoods could be a potential target because these burglars are on the move.

A crime mapping system called Raids Online shows what areas have been hit by thieves.

This website is available to anyone and has a free mobile app.

Lattin said police are looking for two vehicles of interest that have been spotted in the areas where burglaries have occurred.

An older model 4 door sedan with light colored peeling and faded paint and a 1980’s orange and silver “old U-Haul” style truck.

Kennewick police are asking community members to contact them if they see anything suspicious.