Kennewick business, damaged by downtown fire, reopens

KENNEWICK, Wash. — It’s been over five months since a structure fire in Historic Downtown Kennewick destroyed multiple apartments and businesses.

“We stood outside and watched our businesses burn and get drenched with water and then we went to sports page and sat there and had breakfast and continued watching,” Cynthia Mosley-Cleary said.

Mosley-Cleary remembers the cold, February morning like it was yesterday, with the orange glow causing devastation to her livelihood: The Lady Bug Shoppe.

“It was very emotional but my husband was in the hospital very ill so it was devastating to lose the business but it was just stuff,” she said.

Weeks after the fire, Cynthia’s husband, Terry, died.

That’s when she knew The Lady Bug Shoppe, had to live on.

“He was very proud of the other store so we thought that the best way to honor his memory was to open our little business back up,” Cynthia said.

The business owner said it’s taken a lot of work and time, but she was determined to open her doors once again.

She found a space, just a stone’s throw from the Cascade Building, on West Kennewick Avenue.

The Lady Bug Shoppe reopened on Tuesday morning.

“Well it’s my livelihood, so it’s very important that it succeeds and then it just has special meaning because like I said, my husband was very proud of our business and has memories of my mother and the types of things she liked to shop and look for,” she said.

The City of Kennewick even held a ribbon cutting and declared The Lady Bug Shoppe, ‘Business of the Day.’

Cynthia said she couldn’t have done it without the help from others, donating items to complete her store.

“Counter’s been given to me, the chalkboards, the bookshelf, they came in and did the carpet, came in and did the grid wall,” Cynthia said.

She thanked the many people who supported her through tough times, and the customers to come.

“So we’re very thankful and blessed that downtown Kennewick is such a close community,” she said.

The Lady Bug Shoppe is now open at 321 West Kennewick Avenue.

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