Kennewick business provides booze-free wine, beer and spirits

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Among the dozens of vendors inside the Public Market in Kennewick, is couple Chuck and Marlys Aspinwall, with Kindred Spirits.

It’s a business that started after a big life decision.

“During the pandemic we just found that we were drinking a little bit too much and for health reasons we decided, we’re done,” Marlys Aspinwall said.

Saying goodbye to booze, led the couple on a lengthy search for alcohol free alternatives.

“What a market there’s so much available and not a lot of places to be able to buy it,” that was one of the reasons for starting Kindred Spirits.

It’s a market that’s expected to see exponential growth in the coming years, and it’s being driven by millennials.

“They expect it to be a one trillion dollar industry currently it’s about a nine million industry and they just expect it to go wild,” she said.

Toward the end of 2021, the Aspinwall’s started their business, but all the brick and mortar locations were too expensive.

They said when they caught word of the Public Market of Kennewick, it was the perfect fit. They’ve since opened a tasting room inside.

“Some are very, very surprised, some just go ‘why?’ and other people are like what a great alternative what a great business. We have wines, champagnes, we have everything from tequila, to vodka to whisky to gin we offer beer and all the mixers that go along with a really nice cocktail,” Marlys said.

Yes, in the wine country of Washington, you can enjoy alcohol free wine.

Recovery expert Brian Dawson at Ideal Option in Kennewick, said they’ve seen an increase in patients needing help with alcohol use disorder throughout the pandemic.

“It’s been a much bigger problem now that patients have that sense of isolation and they often turn to alcohol abuse,” he said.

Dr. Dawson, the Chief Medical Officer, said it’s important to pay attention to how much you’re drinking. He said if alcohol starts to have wide-reaching effects on your life, it’s time to seek help.

“You know, your social connections, your ability to work, your ability to function, maybe legal ramifications and things like that,” he explained.

Both Dr. Dawson and the Aspinwall’s said finding a group to join that promotes sobriety, is key to staying on track. He also urges people to stay busy, so they don’t think about drinking, with healthy activities like exercise.

“There’s such a huge community for people who want to become alcohol free,” Marlys said.

You can find Kindred Spirits at the Public Market in the Columbia River Warehouse 10 E Bruneau Ave Building C, Kennewick, WA or online.

For help with alcohol or substance abuse, visit Ideal Option’s website.

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