Kennewick driver crashes into container during medical emergency

Photo Credit: Kennewick Police Department, Facebook

KENNEWICK, Wash. — In many instances of reckless driving, the influence of drugs or alcohol tend to be people’s first presumption. However, medical emergencies are also a major player in cases of reckless driving, as the Kennewick Police Department (KPD) reminded us today.

During the day on Wednesday, February 3, police officers responded to a car crash in a Kennewick parking lot. According to the KPD’s post, the driver crashed head-on into a Conex container. Though authorities didn’t mention any obvious injuries, they described the driver as “semi-responsive.”

However, all of the doors to the car were locked from the inside, meaning officers couldn’t access the vehicle to aid the driver. They also noticed that the vehicle was still in gear, meaning it could resume moving at any moment.

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Officers blocked the back of the vehicle with a patrol car so that it wouldn’t reverse back into a nearby parking lot or into the middle of a road. Shortly after, first responders from the Kennewick Fire Department arrived to assist with the situation. They provided the tools necessary to unlock the vehicle and administer emergency assistance.

First responders then transported the driver to a nearby hospital to be treated for a medical emergency.

In their post, the Kennewick Police Department says that they’ve received multiple complaints about reckless driving in the last week. During those instances, citizens suggested that the driver in question may be drunk since they struggled to stay in their own lane.

However, each of these instances ended up being caused by a medical issue — Not intoxication.

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