Kennewick educator suggests parents consider ‘pod learning’

KENNEWICK, Wash. – With the school year set to begin remotely for nearly all students in the Tri-Cities, many parents are wondering how they can help their kids adjust to distance learning.

Randy Way, Executive Director of Sylvan Learning of the Tri-Cities, says some parents might want to consider “pod learning.”

What is that exactly? As defined by USA Today, a learning pod is ‘a small group of families, with similar-aged children, that agree to do remote learning, together.’

Some families may choose hire a tutor to help students with assignments. Way says this is where Sylvan Learning could step in to support local families, as they can provide tutoring for reading, writing, and mathematics online or in-person.

Way also believes pod learning could also be beneficial because of the social aspect.

“The social aspect is going to be huge and what we’ve been seeing in other states around the county is a number of parents by themselves – this is not necessarily a program being developed by anybody – are deciding to form pods. So their deciding to form a small group of their friends, getting those kids together, and then working together to help them through the school day,” Way said.