Kennewick family creates kids fitness YouTube channel during coronavirus outbreak

TAZ Kids Fitness

KENNEWICK, Wash. — A Tri-Cities family is keeping themselves busy during the stay-at-home order while hoping to help other families do the same.

Tom Bingeman, with the help of his sons, recently launched a YouTube channel called TAZ Kids Fitness.

The idea was first planted during the harsh winter of 2018 when many families were snowed in.

“We went to YouTube and typed in ‘kids workouts’ and there wasn’t much available, especially at that time,” said Bingeman. “We were like, we should make some.”

It wasn’t until they were shut in again because of the coronavirus that they decided to pull the trigger.

“We thought it could be a cool thing for our kids to give them something to do but also could be an outreach for other kids in the community,” said Bingeman. “It would give them something to do, and give their parents a little bit of a break.”

Each video features Bingeman, currently a full-time vocal coach, and his sons, Ax, 4, and Zave, 7, conducting kid-friendly workouts. There are currently four videos available, and each offers a different theme: superheroes, animals, sports and country.

Bingeman said they’re trying to shoot new episodes about once a week. After completing a first season, he said they may focus on shooting other types of videos possibly featuring games or other activities, before shooting a second season of the fitness videos.

“Our purpose behind this is to really stand with families and stand with kids, to bring a message of love and faith,” he said. “We don’t want people to be in this position of fear, especially the little kids…we just want kids to be kids and kids to have fun.”