Kennewick father-son duo aspire to build tiny homes for the underprivileged

KENNEWICK, Wash. – A former foster child and his son are on a mission to help others build a home and lift themselves out of poverty.

Lance Gardner and his son Gabriel have been living and traveling in a remodeled school bus for about a year. On each side of the bus, the windows are painted in rainbow colors, which the duo said are a visual representation of their creed and purpose — to strive to make the world a better place by serving others through environmentalism, activism, and acts of kindness.

One of the many ways they want to make the world a better place is by building tiny home communities and greenhouses.

The project would be focused on underserved populations including veterans, former foster children, convicts, and others willing to contribute to the community.

The greenhouses would be used as a way to generate income for the community. They believe planting a variety of fruits and vegetables as well as flowers will keep the locals busy, and when harvest time comes around the profit made from selling the produce and flowers would go directly to the farmers.

“We have people that need a chance again everywhere and my first concept would the greenhouses because that’s the easiest modality to be able to generate an income and provide for people, but once that gets started we’ll be able to help other people get their visions realized too,” said Lance Gardner.

Mr. Gardner said he’s been through many hardships starting from his time in the foster care system. He say’s owning this bus is his first home.

“I’d rather focus on the positive than the negative. I know solutions are found when you recognize what you have and what you need to do,” said Gardner.

As of now, the father-son team is gathering supplies and funds for their project. Lance aims to have the first community located east of that cascades in Washington, but the specific location is undecided.

If you are interested in helping with the project you can reach the Gardener’s Facebook page.

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