Kennewick fire spreads to house from weeds burning outside

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Fire crews responded to a home on the 400-block of N. Hartford St on Wednesday afternoon after a fire spread from burning weeds to the exterior of a home near Fruitland Park.

According to a press release issued by the Kennewick Fire Department, crews responded to the home at 2:55 p.m. within four minutes of being dispatched to the scene. When the first KFD crew arrived, they noticed smoke coming from the home. Within minutes, firefighters realized that the fire started on the exterior of the home and spread to a staircase near the backside of the structure.

Kennewick firefighters quickly doused the exterior fire with water, extinguishing it within minutes of arriving on the scene. Authorities determined that the fire loss was mostly contained to the exterior of the home with just a bit of smoke damage on the interior of the home.

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Fire crews determined the cause of the fire was an unintentional action by the homeowner. Authorities determined that the homeowner was burning weeds near the exterior of his home when the flames spread and his house caught on fire. When KFD crews arrived, the homeowner was combatting the flames with a garden hose of his own. The man’s efforts helped contain the fire and prevent more extensive damage to his house.

Authorities are using this as an example of the high fire danger in the region currently. Eastern Washington is particularly at-risk of fire due to a large amount of fuel, high temperatures, and low humidity.


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