Kennewick High School grad joins Kelly Clarkson’s team on The Voice

A former Kennewick High School student is making strides in her music career — after striking a chord with Kelly Clarkson on “The Voice” this week.

As first reported by the Tri-City Herald, 29-year-old Kennewick High valedictorian Katie Krupin, whose stage name is Halley Greg, was featured on the musical competition show on Monday night.

Since moving to Seattle, Greg has invested more time in making music and released an album titled “American Harlot” in 2020.

On Monday night, she brought her talents to the stage in front of famous judges Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, and John Legend, and Nick Jonas.

As Greg began singing a unique version of “I’m Like a Bird”, Clarkson was the first to excitedly show her approval.

None of the other judges turned around, meaning Greg would be joining “Team Kelly.”

“This is the best thing ever! Because I know 100% I cannot lose you right now. I was so excited to turn around. I turned around literally in the very beginning because your voice is so pure and it’s so intimate and it’s so beautiful and very artistic. They missed it!” said Clarkson after the performance.

“You use your voice more as an expression. It flows out like you’re just emoting. It’s a really beautiful quality and I’m thrilled that Kelly has you on your team because I want to hear more, so congrats!” said Nick Jonas.

“I thought your performance was really poetic. There were moments that you did less because less would be more for that moment. I thought that was very well crafted,” said John Legend.

“You’re awesome. You made Kelly’s day. Welcome to The Voice!” said Blake Shelton.


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