Kennewick hybrid learning to start for all students October 12

KENNEWICK, Wash. — The Kennewick School District will allow all students to learn from classrooms twice a week starting October 12 as part of their hybrid learning model.

The Kennewick School District has been offering on-site learning for some special needs student since the beginning of September, but in three weeks all students will be allowed to return to classrooms.

“More special education students will begin to come on campus beginning October 5, and then October 12 is when we would make the full transition to the hybrid learning model,” said Superintendent Dr. Traci Pierce.

The model allows half of the students to visit campuses on Monday’s and Tuesday’s and the other half on Thursday’s and Friday’s. The school district will sanitize buildings on Wednesday’s and allow teachers to prepare for the next group.

Dr. Pierce told KAPP-KVEW that they are preparing to schedule students from the same household to attend school on the same day.

“We’re working on that right now, making those “A” and “B” groups to ensure that a families all together, elementary, middle, and high school,” said Dr. Pierce.

The transportation system will run as it typically has in the past, but busses won’t be full due to social distancing guidelines.

The meal delivery model will change throughout the school district when hybrid learning begins.

“Once we start hybrid learning, we’re going to shift to a multi-day meal pickup,” said Dr. Pierce.

The school district will have designated areas for families to pick up meals on Wednesday’s. Each student will receive five meals from the designated area to accommodate the five days they aren’t in school. Students on campus will receive their meals at school.

Dr. Pierce told KAPP-KVEW that whether they are in the remote learning model or the hybrid learning model they want to maintain the instructional program and the school experience to the greatest extent possible.

Students will have recess time outside, but social distancing guidelines have to be maintained.

Dr. Pierce said that during recess students aren’t required to wear face coverings as long as the six foot distancing is maintained.

Most classrooms will have half of the students in the class with masks mandatory and desks spread out.

The Kennewick School District is offering an online academy for families who don’t intend or want to send their student(s) to school for on-site learning.

“Our goal is to accommodate families to the greatest extent possible,” said Dr. Pierce.

The Kennewick School District sent information out on Friday letting families know they’re working to determine which students will be in the “A” and “B” groups.

Dr. Pierce told KAPP-KVEW that families will receive more information regarding the hybrid learning model from their specific school.