Kennewick Irrigation District finishes lining 16-mile canal that runs through Kennewick

KENNEWICK, Wash. — The Kennewick Irrigation District reached a major milestone on Wednesday.

Crews finished lining the remaining mile of the Badger East Canal – roughly 16 miles long. The canal runs through Kennewick in the Badger Mountain area.

According to KID, lining canals helps conserve water by preventing leaks and allows for more efficiency when it comes to getting water to customers. The lining can also decrease the chance of a canal breach, and it helps provide a barrier to rodents and weed growth.

KID can only line so many miles of canal each year due to cost and weather, and half of the year the canal is full of water.

“We try and prioritize the areas of high risk,” said Ben Woodard, assistant engineering and operations manager for KID. “If there are residential homes below the canals or areas where we’ve noticed any type of leakage from the canal, we try and do those first.”

They usually can’t get started until March, but crews were able to start a little earlier this year due to a mild winter.

KID oversees about 75 miles of canal. On average, the district is able to line between three and five miles of canal each year.

Since 2010, KID has lined a total of 28 miles of canal.