Kennewick Irrigation District starts encouraging voluntary reduction watering schedules

Kennewick Irrigation District starts encouraging voluntary reduction watering schedules

July’s forecast is looking dry and the Kennewick Irrigation District needs your help conserving water.

On Tuesday, KID started encouraging voluntary reduction watering schedules for their customers. The July water supply forecast from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) shows that water supply has decreased to 67 percent and should worsen if weather patterns do not improve. The forecast is based on water flows, precipitation, snowpack and reservoir storage, along with estimates of future precipitation and river flows.

“We count on the snow melting in the right time and fashion so it comes through the reservoirs and meets the water needs in the Yakima Basin,” said Jason McShane, engineering and operations manager for KID. “So in a year like this where our reservoirs are not full and the snow is gone we don’t have adequate supplies to meet all of the needs of the basin.”

In April, Governor Inslee declared a drought in the Upper Yakima Basin that was later expanded to include nearly half of Washington state. KID diverts water from the Yakima River at Prosser Dam down to the Chandler Power and Pumping Plant, which pumps the water to the district’s main canal to serve customers.

McShane said there are projects underway to help with the water shortage, but they also include some conservation activities that actually reduce water flows down the lower stretch of the river, impacting KID’s supply. For the first time, KID is calling for direct releases of mountain reservoir storage water to help offset the loss.

As of now, KID is not requiring mandatory rationing but recommends that customers use the suggested watering schedule below for up to 30 minutes per zone.

Last digit of address & watering times:
AM = Midnight to Noon
PM = Noon to Midnight

1 Tuesday AM Saturday AM
2 Monday AM Friday AM
3 Monday PM Thursday PM
4 Sunday PM Wednesday PM
5 Sunday AM Thursday AM
6 Tuesday PM Friday PM
7 Sunday PM Wednesday PM
8 Tuesday PM Friday PM
9 Monday PM Thursday PM
0 Wednesday AM Saturday AM

This information pertains to residential customers only. For customers with over two acres, contact the KID office at (509) 586-9111.