Kennewick man says tumbleweeds will take weeks to remove from his property

KENNEWICK, Wash. — A Kennewick man said thousands of tumbleweeds blew into his yard during Sunday’s wind storm, creating a massive pile — and hours of tedious work for him to remove them.

Dick Wilde said the tumbleweeds started blowing onto his property at Olympia Street south of West 45th Avenue in the afternoon. He said they stacked up as high as 15 feet in some spots, reaching above the roof of his house.

“As you can imagine, it is a fire issue right? So I need to get on it and get them out of here,” Wilde said.

He has he’s already spent hours removing the weeds by hand, bunching up as many as he can and carrying them down to an empty field near his property.

“At the rate I’m going, it’ll probably take me two more weeks — if the wind doesn’t blow again,” Wilde said with a chuckle.

Wilde has lived with his wife in the same house for the past three decades. It’s located downhill from several wheat fields. Although tumbleweeds are relatively common sight for them, Wilde said this infestation is the worst he’s seen since the mid-’90s.

Wilde is currently retired, so removing the tumbleweeds has become his temporary full-time job. He said anyone who wants to give him a hand with clearing his property can give him a call at 509-531-6282.

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