Kennewick nonprofit buys Round Table Pizzas in Tri-Cities

Kennewick nonprofit buys Round Table Pizzas in Tri-Cities

A local nonprofit will soon be using a pizza franchise to raise money for its growing programs.

Columbia Industries announced on Monday that they’ve acquired all the Round Table Pizzas in Tri-Cities. The organization encompasses a few nonprofit programs that focus on vocational training and job placement for those with disabilities and other challenges. CI also has two for-profit operations – CI Shred and CI Information Management.

“We use our commercial operations to help fund our mission programs,” said CEO Brian McDermott. “For nonprofits, it’s really hard to count on a steady funding stream.”

McDermott said that adding Round Table Pizza to the mix makes sense for the nonprofit – it will serve as a steady source of income as well as overlap well with one of their new programs – Opportunity Kitchen. Opportunity Kitchen helps those with disabilities and other barriers learn skills to thrive in the food service industry.

McDermott said they could potentially use a Round Table Pizza restaurant for training or even get one of their program members hired there once they complete the program.

“It’s really a win-win for us,” he said.

In the upcoming months, Columbia Industries plans to open a community resource center as well.

“Part of the reason we’re expanding our mission programs is we realize how much need there is in this community,” said McDermott. “And this is a way for us to get the whole community involved.”

There are four Round Table Pizza locations in Tri-Cities – two in Richland, one in Kennewick and one in Pasco. The restaurants will continue to operate as they have been.

The sale should be finalized by the end of this month.