Kennewick oral surgeons provide free wisdom teeth removal

KENNEWICK, Wash. – As a part of their Wisdom for Wisdom Program, professionals at Columbia Basin Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons in Kennewick are helping college students focus on their studies, by removing their wisdom teeth for free.

“Everyday I’m there I know this is where I wanna be, so I’m enjoying it a lot,” patient Madison Webb isn’t referring to sitting in the patient’s chair; she’s talking about her clinical rotation at Kadlec Regional Medical Center.

Webb is preparing to become a genetic counsellor.

“I love kids, and I hate seeing kids fall behind because of something that could’ve been addressed when they were younger; just wanna help kids and people be as healthy as they can be,” Webb said.

However, there’s something she needed to take care of before graduating from college in 10 months: her wisdom teeth.

“Obviously they said it’s about time, you’ve been putting this off and was very fortunate and lucky enough to be chosen,” she said.

Luckily, Webb won’t have to pay for the surgery.

“We understand that kids are getting ready for college at this time and they’re trying to save up and getting your wisdom teeth ideally should happen about the mid to late teens so we’re just trying to relieve that burden, we know it’s not a cheap thing to get done,” Oral Surgeon Brandon Reddinger said.

The surgeon explained they started the program years ago because they want wisdom teeth removal to be the last thing local students worry about.

“So, it’s great to be able to have them come in the summer before, get it out of the way and then they can just concentrate on their studies. We’ve had such a great response they’ve all been super excited, super thankful,” Reddinger said.

Madison explained between supplies, tuition and books, she’s thankful she won’t have to dish out more money, and can focus on her future career.

“You really get to be face to face with people and helping them figure out what’s going on whether it’s down syndrome or a heart condition you get to really help people have hope going forward about what it’s going to be like to raise a child with that condition,” she said.

Reddinger said they were able to help three students this year, and plan to continue Wisdom For Wisdom, for many years to come.

“Just to see the smile on their face and really just can physically see the burden lifted off of them,” he said.

Applications for 2021 have closed, but be sure to check out the practice’s Facebook page for 2022 applications for the Kennewick office.


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