Kennewick PD: New law tied officers’ hands during woman’s stabbing spree

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Police in Kennewick say they got a woman to stop stabbing their patrol vehicles and throwing rocks and dishes, but not in the way they had wanted.

Officers say a 28-year-old had “armed herself with scissors and had been throwing rocks at a window, breaking one,” at 1001 W 4th Ave. on Monday morning.

At other points during the incident, police say, the woman was throwing dishes through a doorway and at the police department’s patrol vehicles.

Officers say they tried to de-escalate the situation but ended up backing away as the woman grabbed two large kitchen knives and came at officers and their cars.

The woman punctured and flattened nine patrol car tires, KPD says, then started making her way through the neighborhood while officers tried to contain her.


Eventually, police say they were able to get close enough to use a pepperball gun and a Taser to keep her from causing more damage or hurting anyone or herself.

In a press release and Facebook post, Kennewick PD lamented not being able to use one of its less-lethal options in this case:

Under new Washington State legislation that went into effect this week, HB 1054 prohibits the use or acquisition of “military equipment”, which includes any firearm .50 caliber or larger. Unfortunately, this includes one of our best long-range less lethal options, the 37mm impact baton. While it’s not “military equipment”, it is larger than .50 caliber, which means officers can no longer use these tools to rapidly bring a dangerous situation like this under control.
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The woman was arrested on suspicion of felony malicious mischief.

“We would like to thank the Pasco Police Department for responding with their less-lethal pepperball gun and the community for being patient with us while was contained this situation by diverting traffic and locked down businesses and schools,” the post concluded.