Kennewick police arrest attempted burglar hiding in portable toilet

Police arrest boy after attempting to break into several houses in Kennewick
Kennewick Police Department

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Police arrested a boy Tuesday evening after he used steak knives to cut several window screens in an attempt to enter houses in Kennewick.

The Kennewick Police Department was dispatched to the 1900 block of South Harrison St. around 5:49 p.m. for a possible burglary in progress.

Police say a victim noticed her window screen was cut and there was a steak knife near her fence.

Officers searched the house, but did not locate anyone inside.

The Kennewick Police Department searched the area and found that nine houses had been targeted, and had a cut in their window screens.

Investigators searched the area, and found a portable toilet on a construction site that was locked.

Kennewick Police say a juvenile male, who appeared to be drunk or under the influence of drugs, came out of the portable toilet.

Investigators found several steak knives matching the one left by the victims fence in the portable toilet.

The boy was arrested and booked into the Juvenile Justice Center on attempted burglary.