Kennewick police extend search for a little girl who went missing 18 years ago

Local law enforcement created a website dedicated to finding Sofia Juarez.
Kennewick Police say that Sofia Juarez disappeared from the city on February 4, 2003 — Just one day before her fifth birthday.

KENNEWICK, Wash. — One night in 2003, a young girl named Sofia Juarez was abducted from her Kennewick home. She and her family were gearing up to celebrate her fifth birthday the following day.

The circumstances of her disappearance are a mystery to both her family and the Kennewick Police Department (KPD). Officers say that she went missing some time between 8:00 p.m. and 9:15 p.m. on February 4, 2003. She was last seen walking westbound on the 100 block of E 15th Ave, heading towards S. Washington St.

Sofia’s disappearance has loomed over the KPD for 18 years as they continuously pursue new information. This week, Kennewick Police announced their newest attempt at gathering information: A website dedicated to finding the little girl, who would be about 23-years-old today.

Kennewick police say that Sofia’s mother passed away not knowing where her daughter went and whether she was safe.

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On the website, you can find a photo of Sofia Juarez from when she was young in addition to two “Age progression photographs” that show what she may look like now that she’s grown.

For the 18th anniversary of Sofia’s disappearance, the Washington State Patrol’s Homeward Bound Program helped to put Sofia’s image on trucks that travel throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Since then, Kennewick police have received a multitude of tips from concerned community members. Much of the information they’ve received was previously investigated, but the KPD is appreciative of all contributions from the community.

Between vigils, search parties and tips, the sense of community in Kennewick has been felt throughout the search for Sofia. This tragedy has brought people together for years and continues to haunt the region 18 years later.

You can visit the website ( by clicking here.


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