Kennewick police officer rescues woman and her kitten from smoke inhalation

KENNEWICK, Wash. — A quick-witted police officer sprung into action to rescue a woman and her small kitten from a dangerous fire that filled their home with heavy smoke on Monday.

According to a Facebook post by the Kennewick Police, officers responded to the 400-block of W First St on August 30 for reports of a vulnerable adult in need of emergency services. When they arrived at the scene, the police observed opaque plumes of smoke stemming from inside the residence.

They rushed inside and located the victim, who was suffering from symptoms of smoke inhalation, in the back bedroom. As the officer brought the victim out of the building, they spotted a small kitten in the cloud of smoke. KPD Officer Sagen grabbed the kitten and brought it to safety away from the dense wave of smoke emerging from its home.

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Crews from the Kennewick Fire Department arrived once the victim and her kitten were safely out of the residence. They got to work, attacking the fire from its most vulnerable locations and extinguishing it shortly after arriving. KFD medics rendered aid for the victim of smoke inhalation, who was then transported to a local hospital to be medically evaluated and treated.

No further information regarding their condition has been announced. However, authorities say that Animal Control took the kitten in for treatment and care while the owner recovers from this incident.

A KFD investigation determined that this home did not have working smoke alarms. Kennewick police and firefighters want to make sure that community members check their smoke alarms to protect themselves and their loved ones from dangerous situations like this.


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