Kennewick police rescue baby from hot truck

Kennewick police rescue baby from hot car
Kennewick police rescue baby from hot truck
Photo from the Kennewick Police Department

Kennewick police rescued an infant from overheating in a truck on Thursday.

Police say the child was accidently locked in the truck near W. Clearwater Avenue and Steptoe Street.

The temperature outside at the time was 98 degrees, which meant the temperature inside the truck was even hotter.

Police broke a window of the truck to save the baby, and then used an ice pack from an officer’s lunch to cool the baby down until medics got there. Medics determined the baby was okay.

Kennewick police ask that community members be extra careful to never leave children or animals alone in cars. They advise that when loading a child into a car to make sure your keys are in your pocket, as to avoid closing and accidently locking the door.

If you see a child or animal in a hot car, police say to call 911 and stay nearby until help arrives.