Kennewick property owner explains effects of continued eviction moratorium

KENNEWICK, Wash. – On Thursday morning, Washington Governor Jay Inslee announced a ‘bridge’ on the eviction moratorium.

“All the sudden it was gonna change again at the last second and so it was pretty frustrating,” Kevin Glenn with IHS Property Management in Kennewick said.

Once again, landlords and companies like Glenn’s will have to navigate new territory and learn what a bridge on the eviction moratorium means for tenants who can’t or won’t pay rent.

“The Bill 5160, it said the moratorium was gonna end on June 30th, then we find out they’re gonna extend it but everyone was literally getting everything ready,” Glenn said they were preparing their properties to comply with new rules and ordinances.

Glenn, who’s company manages multiple properties throughout Kennewick and the Tri-Cities, also sits on the Benton Franklin Rental Owner Association Board.

He said the moratorium has caused a myriad of issues for owners.

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“They weren’t getting the rent but they still had to service the mortgage otherwise they were gonna get foreclosed on and they would just have to sell their property. At the same time, property taxes, insurance, maintenance cost, materials everything’s going up exponentially. The money they’re making off the property is not a lot, some of them are starting to go negative cash flow,” he explained.

For the renters who do seek assistance, Glenn said the process isn’t quick or easy.

“It was cumbersome it was – you had to dig, lots of documentation to support, and I had to help that resident gather that documentation and get it turned in,” he said

So, what does Inslee’s bridge mean?

Come August 1st, tenants will have to start paying full rent, have a landlord approved payment plan or, actively search for assistance.

As for unpaid rent, there is federal funding available, but getting it out to people who need it has been a slow process.

“One of the problems that’s happening there is you may get approved to get the rental assistance, but you don’t actually know when you’re gonna get the check,” Glenn said.

Governor Inslee’s office said the full proclamation will be coming out soon.