Kennewick residents to vote on “The Link” expansion project

Kennewick residents to vote on “The Link” expansion project

KENNEWICK, Wash.– Kennewick residents will once again have the opportunity to vote on The Link expansion project that would combine the Toyota Center and the Three Rivers Convention Center into a larger facility.

The Kennewick Facilities District is in charge of the $45 million project that will feature a theatre, a youth sports rink, and extra parking. Additionally, the project will include renovations to the Toyota Center with new concessions, seats, and VIP rooms.

“What the link really is about is bringing the three facilities together and helping us remain competitive and be an economic driver for Kennewick and the Tri-Cities,” said Corey Pearson, Executive Director of the Three Rivers Campus.

Voters have turned the project down twice, but organizers are hoping this year will be different.

The Link project will be funded by additional taxes, with 2 cents added for every 10 dollars spent. Pearson said the bond will likely last 20-25 years depending on how quickly it can be paid off.

“It’s really giving us a competitive advantage because we’ll have all of this under one roof,” said Pearson. “We’ll have a hotel, a convention center, a theatre, an arena, and an ice sheet.”

The Kennewick Facilities District said the project will boost the local economy and help bring in more entertainment options to the area.

Kennewick voters will ultimately decide if The Link comes to fruition when they cast their votes in November.

If passed, organizers said construction will begin in Spring 2018 and will likely be completed within 2 years.